Disposable Wide Bore Suction Tubing

Fairmont Medical, for over 25 years has offered an extensive range of sterile and non sterile, single use Australian Made suction tubing. Made to exacting Australian standards
(6mm minimum ID), our DST’s are phthalate free and comply with the new strict European standards. Included in our range are speciality tubing sets – ENT, soft tubing, wide bore, Frazier tubing and specific irrigation tubing sets such as DIT and Caws.
• Colour coded connector choice available
• Phthalate free PVC complies to European Standards
• Meets Australian Standard – EN ISO 10079-3:2014
• Easy to remove from packaging due to unique rib design
• Securely packaged with double wrap
• Choice of tubing lengths on offer
• Tangle resistant tubing allowing easy handling
• Single use, sterile, ready to use
• Quality Australian designed and manufactured