Handheld Pulse Oximeter & CO2 Detector 9847

The versatile Nonin 9847 Series multi-function handheld allows simultaneous or independent use of SpO2 and CO2 detection. This vital tool verifies endotracheal tube placement throughout the intubation period and provides accurate blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate values. As a truly durable and portable pocket-size handheld monitor, it will hold up in the most demanding environments and provide 24 hours of data storage when documentation is needed.

• Easy to Use – Minimum training required; no calibration needed
• “First Breath” Active – No warm-up required
• Cost-Effective – Long battery life (90 hours continuous SpO2, 20 hours simultaneous SpO2/CO2)
• Breath Beep – Audible indication of detected breath
• Indication of Pulse Quality – Tricolor perfusion indicator
• Durable – Rugged construction to withstand daily use