No more slippery floors. No more soaked, cold and dripping cloths and sheets. May we introduce DryMax Operation, a range of super-absorbent mats and pads that efficiently manages excess fluids that occur on floors, beds and tables in operating theatres, emergency situations or during medical examinations.
DryMax super-absorbent products quickly absorbs and encapsulates large amounts of water-based liquids, such as saline, urine and blood, including contaminated parts, without leaking. The result is a drier, safer and more hygienic working environment – with improved infection control – which also means less time and money spent on cleaning.
• Superior absorption – superior retention
• Comfortable, user-friendly – easy to apply
• No dripping – easy and safe to change and discard
• Fewer changes – less work and lower material costs
• Simplicity – easy to use