Disposable Oxygen Masks

Fairmont Medical’s Aircair range is the only totally Australian designed and manufactured oxygen therapy devices offered to the market. This guarantees the up-most quality and continuity of supply that is demanded by hospitals today.
Fairmont Medical’s commitment to Australian manufacturing gives us the flexibility to deliver product that is designed to meet with special local needs.
A great example of this is the uniquely designed ‘low profile’ mask, which minimises the chances of accidental eye damage.
• Soft edge design for patient comfort
• Comfort fit wide patient strap
• Ergonomic design easily fits patients face contours
• Pliable nose clip helps keep mask in place
• Manufactured from phthalate free PVC
• Available in a variety of sizes with our without tubing
• High concentration masks with rebreather bag available
• Single use, ready to use
• Quality Australian designed and manufactured