Fairmont Medical, in association with Schölly is able to provide cost effective new Rigid Telescopes. Schölly telescopes are German manufactured and are of the highest quality. We offer telescopes that can be used in general surgery, gynaecology, urology and orthopaedics.
Telescopes in HD quality deliver clear sharp and contrast-rich imaging with natural color rendering and ensure that this can be transferred to the monitor with a full HD camera without loss of quality.
Through a Schölly-specific fiber optic arrangement and handling of the fiber-optics in the tip segment, we achieve a homogeneous illumination with sharp edges and an optimal light yield.
Thanks to an additional tip segment, the important elements for image quality, such as the lens for example, are ideally protected. This maintains the high quality of the laparoscope.
The optical fibers are secured in a strain-free manner and therefore are insensitive to the higher load during processing in the autoclave.