We are one of Australia's only true end-to-end manufacturing medical companies. We have control over the entire production and sales process.

Headed by founder, Mark Verschuur, Fairmont Medical operates a corporate office with an extensive manufacturing and warehousing facility in Melbourne, Australia.

For over thirty years we have been manufacturing and distributing quality medical devices throughout Australia and across the world. Our medical devices contribute to improved clinical efficiency, whilst remaining cost effective.

As the manufacturer, Fairmont continually strives to tailor its product specifications to meet individual market demands.

Fairmont Medical represents a comprehensive range of medical devices, covering areas such as minimally invasive laparoscopy and gynaecology, urology, orthopaedics, critical care, anesthesia, oxygen therapy and infection prevention.

Fairmont Medical is an established brand and is recognised globally.

Exceeding customer expectations.

At Fairmont Medical we endeavour to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Throughout Australia, we employ a direct sales force. Our dedicated product specialists deliver personalised clinical support to all of our customers. The building of relationships is integral to the sales process. It supports our existing customers and is paramount to our ongoing success.

Three distribution sites across the world brings the world closer to Australia.

Located in Rotterdam, Netherlands Fairmont Medical’s distribution centre services our European customers. Through bypassing expensive and time consuming logistical challenges, we can focus on offering a wide range of medical devices.

Located in Essex, United Kingdom Fairmont Medical’s distribution centre provides twenty four hour delivery of product throughout the United Kingdom.

Located in Victoria, Australia, Fairmont Medical’s principal warehouse services the Australian market. Products are also shipped to export markets from this hub.

Innovation - at the heart of everything we do.

Although we produce many well-known medical devices, our true success is due to our commitment to innovation. Fairmont Medical revolutionised the disposable camera cover. After twenty years, it is still recognised as the global market leader.

Innovation continues to dominate our landscape, providing a differential factor, growth and reinvestment opportunities. Today, Fairmont Medical continues to offer unique medical devices such as our patented Telepac.

Full integration of manufacturing enables us to respond to customers demands quickly and efficiently.

Encompassing 50,000 sq ft, our modern facility houses state-of-the-art machinery such as injection moulding, plastic extrusion, ultrasonic welding, UV adhesive, curing systems, precision tooling and high speed assembly conveyor systems within a 350 clean room environment.

We understand the importance of on time delivery and quick turn around times – that’s why we have built our very own high volume EtO (Ethylene Oxide) sterilisation plant.

Continued investment in people, training technology enables us to provide an ever expanding range of highly specialised medical devices.